Ebola Caused an American Doctor's Eye to Change Color - After He Thought He Had Beat the Virus

Dr. Ian Crozier underwent the fight of his life last fall after he contracted Ebola while treating patients in Sierra Leone.  Dr. Crozier thought he was done for Ebola for good, when it popped up in an unlikely place, his eye.  Through experimental treatments, his doctors were able to save his vision as well. 

Ten Years of Medicine - Dr. Annie Wishna attends her 10-year Medical School Reunion

This spring, Dr. Annie Wishna attended her ten-year medical school reunion at Washington University in St. Louis.   Dr. Wishna had the opportunity to not only catch up with old friends, but also to learn about some of the latest and most innovative breakthroughs in medicine.  For Dr. Wishna, a visit to St. Louis would not be complete with out a visit to Kaldi's Coffee for one of their chocolate chip cookies. 

Eye Changes During Pregnancy

Just like everything else in the body, the eyes often change during pregnancy.  Your glasses or contacts prescription can even shift and may not stabilize until six months after you are done breastfeeding!  These changes likely occur due to increased blood volume, fluid retention, and hormonal changes.  Don't worry, the change is usually minor.

National Youth Sports Safety Month

April is National Youth Sports Safety Month. Over 3.5 million kids under the age of 14 seek medical attention for sports related injuries every year!  There are a number of things that can be done to either protect the eyes and prevent serious injury or even blindness.

Free Cinetopia Tickets!

Cinetopia is a great place to go and see a movie.  With the different types of seating, there is something for everyone.  In particular, the large leather reclining chairs are very comfortable, and make it feel like you are at home watching a movie (with the added bonus of a huge screen and high-quality sound).

Sunglasses - $40 off in Leawood!

It may be cloudy this week, but sunny days are coming!  Come into our Leawood office - all sunglasses will be $40 off regular price for the entire month of April.  We now offer an expanded selection of sunglasses to get you ready for spring and summer!

April Showers Bring Deals from Jen Bowers

Jen Bowers, head optician in Olathe,  has decided to do some spring cleaning.  Over one hundred frames are 50% off! (including some children's frames) This special will last until they are gone - or until the end of April - whichever comes first.  Hurry in to check out the selection!

Where In the World is Dr. Gerson? This Month - Belize

Dr. Jeffry Gerson travels all over the world to share his expertise in the field of optometry. Recently, Dr. Gerson was in Belize to teach continuing education classes to other optometrists. The doctors in attendance spent 20 hours over the course of a week learning about a wide variety of eye care topics. Dr. Gerson's wife was able to join him on the trip and some R&R was also on the agenda.

Eye Safety Comes First - Ask Norm Abram

Norm Abram, master carpenter on This Old House, knows that eye safety must be a priority when using tools.  Eye protection is a simple and inexpensive way to prevent devastating eye trauma and vision loss. 

Itchy Eyes?

Now that the weather is warm and you are finally able to enjoy the outdoors, do your eyes look like this? Are they red, swollen, itchy and watery?  Allergy season is back!

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