November is National Diabetes Month - if you have diabetes, you need to get your eyes checked!  There are approximately 30 million Americans with diabetes and 90 million Americans with pre-diabetes.  More than 1 in 5 people with newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes will already have signs of the disease in their eyes. 

The National Diabetes Education Program's (NDEP) 2015 theme is "Diabetes Education and Support: Everyone Has a Role. What's Yours?"  At Grin Eye Care we know that your eye care can play an important role in detection of diabetes, diabetic eye disease and diabetic control.  Annual dilated eye exams for people with diabetes are recommended. If you have diabetes and have not had a dilated exam within the past year, contact us today to be seen at our Olathe or Leawood location.

Our own Dr. Anne Wishna is a contributor for, an online magazine with great recipes and lifestyle tips for those living with diabetes. For more information about diabetes for you, a family member or anybody else click the links below:

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