One of the more common questions we hear from patients is, "should I be taking vitamins for my eyes?"  The advertising for vitamins that promote eye health is everywhere.  The truth is, not everyone needs an eye vitamin and not all eye vitamins are created equally.

A proven benefit from eye vitamins has only been demonstrated in patients with intermediate or advanced macular degeneration.  Patients with no macular degeneration or early macular degeneration have been followed for up to six years and no benefit was observed from taking a daily eye vitamin.  A recent study of the most popular brands of eye vitamins demonstrated that only a few actually contained the recommended dosages of vitamins and only Preservision® AREDS2 contained the exact dosage recommended by the most recent studies.

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In order to determine if you have macular degeneration and whether you would benefit from eye vitamins, you need an eye exam with one of our doctors. 

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