We know your vision is invaluable to you, and this year, we are more dedicated than ever to making it easy for our patients to prioritize their eye health. Here’s how…


Multiple office locations

Convenience is crucial when it comes to accessing healthcare for you and your family. That’s why Grin Eye Care vision experts now see patients at four satellite locations in addition to our main offices in Olathe, KS, and Leawood, KS. This gives our patients the ultimate flexibility to schedule an appointment with a Grin Eye Care doctor when and where it’s most convenient for them.  


Satellite Locations:

-         Independence, MO

-         Lawrence, KS

-         Paola, KS

-         Raymore, MO


We also make it easier to schedule appointments! To make an appointment at any of our convenient locations, simply give us a call at 913.829.5511 or request an appointment online.


An expert team of professionals

Grin Eye Care has 10 dedicated ophthalmologists and optometrists with a wide range of specialties. So you can rest assured we have a team member who can address your individual eye-care concerns and deliver exemplary care to keep your eyes healthy.


Some of our core services and specialties include:


Comprehensive eye care for adults: Ensuring that our adults have their eye health monitored so that they can continue to enjoy an active and fulfilling life even if their vision starts to deteriorate.


Comprehensive eye care for children: Healthy eyes and clear vision are essential for your child’s development, and we monitor and offer support where needed to ensure that they can fulfill their potential.


Vision correction surgery: LASIK is the most popular form of vision correction surgery in the world. Our eye surgeons offer LASIK, PRK, PTK, and LASEK to improve your sight, allowing you to live a life with little to no reliance on prescription eyewear.

Cataract surgery: Cataracts are one of the most common eye conditions in the world and are a leading cause of blindness. While there is currently no cure for cataracts, our specialists restore patients’ vision by replacing the natural lens of the eye with an artificial alternative in a surgical procedure.


Macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, corneal care and more: There are many different diseases and issues that can affect the delicate nature of our eyes. Our specialist team are experts in the diagnosis, management, and treatment of such conditions, helping to ensure that our patients can maintain healthy eyes and clear, concise vision.


On-site Optical Shop

Whether you rely on glasses or contacts to enhance your vision, the doctors and staff at Grin Eye Care are committed to helping you find the right solution so you can enjoy your day-to-day life with clear, comfortable vision and healthy eyes. We have a wide range of glasses and contacts available in the Optical Shops in Olathe and Leawood.


Local partnerships

At Grin Eye Care, we are delighted to partner with other healthcare providers in the community in order to develop customized treatment plans for patients who need extra support with their visual health. For example, we work with endocrinologists and primary care providers for diabetic patients to help them manage and prevent damage from diabetic retinopathy. If you have a health-care concern that affects your eye health, tell your Grin Eye Care doctor and they’ll determine how to work with your provider to deliver the best possible care.


Let us help you to prioritize your eye health in 2020! Contact us today to schedule an appointment with a Grin Eye Care vision expert.



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