Any change in vision or sudden problem with the eye requires immediate professional help, particularly from an ophthalmologist. Eye emergencies can potentially cause permanent vision loss if they are not assessed and treated right away. So, how do you know if an injury warrants prompt medical attention?


When to Seek Medical Attention

If any of the following problems occur, seek an eye doctor straight away for treatment:


· Unexplained redness or pain in the eye.

· Nausea, vomiting, or headache associated with eye pain.

· Concern that an object is lodged in the eye.

· There is a scratch, cut, or puncture wound to the eye.

· Exposure of the eye to chemicals.

· Abrupt changes in eyesight, such as blurry vision.

· Sudden loss of vision.


What to Avoid If You Have an Eye Injury

Never attempt to treat yourself if you have an eye injury as dangerous complications can happen. While it can be tempting to fix the problem right away, be sure not to rub or apply pressure to the affected eye. Don’t try to remove the foreign object stuck in the eye. Also, don’t use any tools, such as tweezers, in your eye (you may use cotton swabs, but strictly on the eyelid only). Avoid using medications or applying ointments in the eye as well.


If you or someone you know with an eye injury is wearing contact lenses, do not try to take them out as it can make the problem worse. The only exception to this is in cases where eye injury is due to chemical exposure. Then if the contact lenses did not flush out with water or where immediate medical help is not possible, you can attempt to take your lenses out.


Always bear in mind that the best thing you can do during an eye emergency is to get to your doctor as quickly as possible.


Ways to Prevent Eye Injury

Eye emergencies can happen just about anywhere at any time. Accidents can occur while engaging in athletic events and other high-risk activities. But it’s also not impossible in places where you least expect them, including your home and workplace. To help reduce the risk of any eye injury, find ways to do the following when necessary:


· Childproof your home. You can do this by removing items with sharp edges or cushioning them.

· Put away sharp instruments, such as scissors and knives, from young children. You can also try teaching older kids how to use them safely and supervise them when they do.

· Keep children from playing with projectile toys. These include pellet guns, darts, and bows and arrows.

· Stay away or keep enough distance from amateur fireworks.

· Always use caution when you are cooking with oil.

· Follow the directions when working with cleaning supplies and other chemicals.

· Keep heated hair appliances away from your eyes. These include curling and straightening irons.

· Do not forget to wear safety glasses or goggles when using power tools. Also, use protective eyewear when participating in high-risk sporting events.


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