There are many options when it comes to correcting vision. Glasses, contact lenses and laser surgery are all ways to enjoy clear, comfortable vision. With all of the options available, it can be difficult to decide which is best for you and your eyes. The trusted doctors at Grin Eye Care have put together some helpful information to help guide you in the right direction to achieve clearer vision.


Glasses are the most common way to correct a vision problem. They are easy to wear and can be a fun fashion statement, as well. High-refraction lenses used today, along with anti-reflective coating, make modern glasses much lighter and much easier to wear in terms of both physical and visual comfort. Glasses can also help protect your eyes from dirt, dust and other potentially harmful particles.

There are glasses available for nearly every occasion, whether you are spending your day on the computer or outside in the sun. However, for people with high prescriptions or prescriptions that vary significantly between the two eyes, glasses can be difficult to wear due to thick, heavy lenses and potential for causing double vision. Glasses can also be cumbersome and uncomfortable while enjoying outdoor activities, sports or even just lying on your side while reading or watching tv. They can be easily scratched, broken, misplaced and lost.

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are available to correct both near and far vision. Technology has advanced far enough now to even correct presbyopia (the loss of near vision as we age). These lenses work like bifocal or progressive spectacle lenses on the eye and are called “multifocal lenses”. Patients with high prescriptions or significant differences in prescription between the two eyes can benefit greatly from contact lenses. There are also many options for specialty custom lenses for patients with certain eye conditions or visual problems.

Contact lenses are very comfortable and can be a great alternative to potentially cumbersome glasses. They also offer excellent comfort and convenience for sports, outdoor activities and day to day life in general. However, tolerability of contact lenses can vary greatly from person to person. People with dry eyes or certain eye diseases may not tolerate contact lenses and may find them uncomfortable even after just a short time of wear. Contact lenses also require more maintenance and hygiene precautions that glasses, as visually threatening infections can occur if they are not handled and worn properly.

LASIK & Other Laser Surgeries

Having laser surgery to correct both near and far-sighted vision has been a wonderful option for more than 20 years. Now, with advancements in current technology, laser vision correction is an excellent option for many people. Wearing glasses or contacts can be a hassle. Laser surgery can restore your vision, making life easier and improving confidence.

The board-certified surgeons at Grin Eye Care use the most up-to-date technology and are some of the most experienced laser surgeons in Kansas City. If you have healthy eyes, thick enough corneas, stable vision and are in good overall health (among other requirements), laser vision correction may be a wonderful and life-changing option for you. Grin Eye Care offers free LASIK evaluations to determine whether or not you are a good candidate for laser vision correction.

Whether you choose glasses, contacts or laser vision correction, the doctors and staff at Grin Eye Care are committed to helping you make the best decision to ensure you can enjoy your day-to-day life with clear, comfortable vision and healthy eyes. We have a wide range of glasses and contacts available in the Optical Shops at both of our convenient locations in Olathe and Leawood. We also offer free LASIK evaluations in both locations. If you are struggling with your vision or want to know what your options are to achieve clearer vision, call us today and set up an appointment for a comprehensive eye exam. We are always here to help and answer any questions you may have!


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