You’ve likely heard about LASIK eye surgery—the miracle procedure that can restore your eyesight. It’s certainly a life-changing option for many patients, but like any medical procedure, there are some minor risks involved. And while it may be tempting to find the cheapest option out there, you should be aware of the physical and financial risks associated with discount LASIK procedures.  


If you’re interested in LASIK, chances are you’ve searched far and wide for the best options available. Unfortunately, quality service can sometimes take a backseat to the most affordable option. Before you settle for a discount LASIK procedure, consider some of the risks of doing so.


Hidden Fees


Discount LASIK procedures attract a lot of people because after all, who doesn’t want to save money? But one of the most misleading aspects of this option is there are often many hidden fees associated with it. It’s a common tactic to entice people with the promise of a discount only to tack on several vague fees in order to recoup the costs. Because the patient is already “roped in,” they are more likely to sign on the dotted line and rely on financing to afford the procedure. In the end, the patient isn’t saving any money, and they are likely getting subpar services.


Mediocre Technology


To keep discount LASIK procedures more affordable, many establishments will cut corners any way that they can. This means that they may rely on outdated technology that isn’t quite as efficient and doesn’t yield the best results. In the worst cases, using outdated technology may even increase the chances of complication. This is just simply not worth the risk, and it’s definitely worth the investment to ensure that you have quality services the first time.


Lack of Experience


Discount LASIK companies don’t offer much transparency about which doctor will be performing your bargain LASIK procedure. It may be difficult to determine how much or what type of experience your provider has. It’s especially important to have a clear understanding of your doctor’s experience so you can ensure you are in good hands. Every single patient deserves that peace of mind.


Our Commitment to Patients


At Grin Eye Care, we are dedicated to providing only the best for our patients. That means that we have no hidden fees and you will know exactly how much your procedure will cost before it even begins. Additionally, we use the latest bladeless LASIK technology for LASIK procedures, not only to enhance surgical precision but also to improve your chances of a speedy recovery.


You can rest assured that at Grin Eye Care, you will be in the best care possible. Dr. Grin has more than 30 years of experience with refractive eye care, and he specializes in LASIK procedures. He stays abreast of the latest trends through continuing education and training in the field. Dr. Wongs performs custom cataract surgery, corneal transplants, secondary IOL placement, glaucoma surgery, and keratoprosthesis surgery. Refractive procedures include LASIK, PRK, refractive lens exchange and laser-assisted cataract surgery. Both doctors are dedicated to their patients and passionate about providing quality care.


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