LASIK eye surgery can restore your vision, making your life easier and improving your confidence. LASIK, a type of refractive surgery which reshapes the cornea, can correct myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) and astigmatism. At Grin Eye Care, we perform completely bladeless LASIK using advanced laser technology.


Check out these 5 quick facts about LASIK:

1.     LASIK is painless – We use local anesthetic drops to numb your eyes during the procedure, making the entire process comfortable and pain free!

2.     LASIK is safe – The results of numerous clinical studies of LASIK have shown that the risk of serious complication from the procedure is less than 1 percent. Our doctors prescribe antibiotic and steroid eye drops following the procedure to reduce the risk of infection and help the healing process.

3.     LASIK recovery is quick and easy – Immediately following your procedure, your eyes may burn or itch for a short period, but a mild pain reliever and eye drops offer relief. Many patients notice an immediate improvement in their vision, but it can take a few weeks or more to enjoy the full benefits. Most people are able to drive without correction and go back to work the next day!

4.     LASIK patients can be as young as 18 years old – Our surgeons perform LASIK on patients 18 years and older. Our doctors will ensure the prescription is stable and the eyes are healthy, meeting all the candidate requirements, at your LASIK consultation appointment.

5.     LASIK is affordable – At Grin Eye Care, we strive to provide you the best quality surgery with the latest technology at a price that fits into your budget. The cost of LASIK depends on many factors, including your glasses prescription and any coinciding eye disease. A free LASIK evaluation in our office is the best way to determine how we can best meet your personal needs.


If you’re looking for freedom from glasses or contact lenses and if you’re ready to enjoy the world with clear vision, give us a call today to schedule your FREE LASIK consultation with one of our experienced surgeons: 913.829.5511.

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