Five Tips for Healthy Contact Lens Wear:

1. Rub your lenses when cleaning
Rubbing the lens helps to clean it and remove any protein or bacteria that has built up throughout the day. Even if your solution says "No Rub" on the bottle, you should still gently rub the lens in your palm before putting them back in the case.

2. Rinse
Always rinse and store your contact lenses in store-bought contact lens solution. Never use homemade saline solution or tap water, as these liquids can contain harmful parasites that can lead to blindness. Also, refrain from reusing or topping off your solution that has already been used in the contact lens case. Fresh is best!

3. Rest
Remember to give your eyes a break from your contact lenses from time to time and never sleep in them. Giving your eyes a rest allows for increased oxygen to the cornea (the clear window of the eye) and also helps prevent infection.

4. Refresh
Only keep and wear your lenses for as long as directed by your eye doctor. Whether you wear a daily disposable lens, a 2-week lens or a monthly lens, make sure you do not wear the contact lens for longer than that specific time frame. Extending the life of your contacts can lead to dryness, discomfort and infection. Also make sure you are replacing your contact lens case at least every 3 months to prevent bacteria from building up.

6. Renew
Don't forget to schedule an annual appointment with one of our fabulous doctors in order to renew your contact lens prescription and ensure your eyes are staying healthy!

At Grin Eye Care, we offer a huge selection of contact lens brands. Our wide variety of lenses can meet your specific needs, from daily lenses, to difficult to fit eyes, to bifocal contact lneses. If you're ready for a new prescription, give us a call today to schedule an appointment! We look forward to hearing from you and we're happy to answer any questions you may have.

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