Millions of people wear corrective lenses, and many wish they did not have to wear contacts or glasses. You may have been using them for reading or need them for daily wear. Of course, if you break your glasses or lose a contact lens, you could be in for a world of hurt. With LASIK, you could completely change your dependence on lenses and take back your life.

Vision Is Repaired

Most people seek out LASIK surgery to correct vision deficits. The vast majority of patients get full 20/20 vision after laser eye surgery. Even if you do not, you will still have a marked improvement to what your eyes were before surgery. Best of all, the changes to your vision are immediate.

Self-confidence Improves

Many people feel less confident in glasses but getting LASIK means ditching the frames for most people. You can feel better about yourself without glasses and even become more active if that is your goal. Sports becomes a better option, too, because you will not have to worry about getting your glasses knocked off your face or losing a contact lens out in the middle of a field.

It Is Mostly Painless

Did you know that LASIK does not hurt? It is true. Considering the idea that a laser is cutting into your eye, it might be surprising, but there is very little pain after surgery. In most cases, there is not any pain at all. The numbing drops used in your eyes contain an anesthetic to numb your eyes before incision. The only discomfort you will feel during LASIK is the way your eye is kept open, and after the procedure, it does not take long to feel like yourself.

Costs Less Than Years of Corrective Lenses

If you have had to purchase glasses or contacts over the years, you know how pricey those things can be – it all adds up fast. Getting LASIK may seem expensive, but in the long run, it will cost less to do the surgery. Continuing to buy glasses or contacts will be less cost-effective as you need them over the rest of your life.

Recovery Time Is Quick

During the procedure, your laser eye surgeon will use the laser to reshape your cornea as needed, and it does not take long at all. Once the shaping is complete, you do not require stitches or bandages. You might get some medicated drops and some protective goggles to wear for the next day or so, but that is about it. Your eyes may also feel a bit sensitive for a couple of hours after, but there is not much recovery time.

Relieve Those Allergies

Allergy relief is specific to contact wearers. If you have seasonal allergies, wearing contacts can be uncomfortable. Undergoing LASIK means no more contacts, and seasonal allergies will also feel a hundred times more tolerable.

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