Eye care is very personal because it deals with what you put on or in your eyes. When you receive an examination, the eye doctor only gives you options; it is up to you to choose what you like. Some people prefer to wear glasses because they have a wide array of frames. They also tend to have a few more accessories that go with them. 


Other people opt for contact lenses because they do not like the hassle of glasses. At the same time, other people will go for both contacts and glasses because they feel like they would like to change things up every so often. However, other people forgo either of the two and choose LASIK.


Here are some facts about LASIK to consider if you are offered the option.


LASIK, What Is It?


LASIK is a popular laser surgery that corrects refractive errors in the eye. The refractive errors corrected by LASIK are astigmatism, hyperopia, and myopia. It works by reshaping the cornea using a specialized laser. The reshaped cornea is enabled to direct light getting into the eye to reach the retina. 


Is It Worth It?


Most eye doctors want to make the experience of LASIK a memorable one. This means they strive to ensure that the procedure is not too costly. However, the process is not cheap in any sense of the word. 


You may describe it as fair because of all the benefits that come with it. Moreover, most eye doctors also provide other payment options for their clients. You can get financing, flex spending, credit card payment, or medical savings. 


Is LASIK worth the expense? Anyone who has gone through the procedure will confess to it being a good choice. On top of getting a great vision from the procedure, you are also spared numerous return visits to the eye doctor. It is because LASIK is a permanent vision correction solution. 


How Does the Cost of Another Eye Care Compare With LASIK?


Comparing the costs of other eye care solutions with LASIK is good practice before you schedule the procedure. You will get a clearer picture of the long-term costs you will be avoiding. 


First, you should consider how long you have been wearing glasses or contacts. Also, it would be best if you considered each time your glasses or contacts needed changing due to changes in prescription. In addition, if your eyewear becomes damaged for any reason, you must get a new prescription.


All these costs add up to a significant amount. If you had LASIK, you would avoid all these visits to the eye doctor for about ten years at the minimum.


How Much Money Could You Save?


The amount of money you would save would be equivalent to all the visits to the eye doctor that you would make in about ten years. It includes all prescription changes and replacing damaged eyewear. The amount you spend on glasses and contacts could match the cost of LASIK or even exceed it. Moreover, you would save time spent at the eye doctor’s office.


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