So many people think that if their vision isn't that bad, they don't need regular eye exams. But eye problems don't always affect the vision—at least, not right away. Eye doctors look for so much more than vision changes during an exam. They will want to know about health changes in other parts of the body, which can also affect eye health.


Many eye diseases progress slowly but are very preventable if an eye doctor can spot them in time. Regular vision checkups are as essential as getting routine physicals. Here are some of the reasons why regular exams are vital for eye health.


Changes in Vision


Even people who have excellent vision benefit from regular eye exams. It's crucial to establish a baseline. There are many reasons why a person's vision can change as they grow or age. An eye doctor should check out any change, whether gradual or sudden.


Most of the time, vision changes are not dangerous. If they are big enough changes, the doctor will prescribe corrective contact lenses or eyeglasses. But sometimes, vision changes happen when something more serious is going on. If a person's health is otherwise good, they may not suspect there is anything wrong.


Eye Diseases in Early Stages


An eye doctor can diagnose many eye diseases early before a person even experiences any symptoms. Some of the eye diseases the doctor may spot are:


  • Cataracts

  • Retinal detachment

  • Glaucoma

  • Diabetic retinopathy


Children significantly benefit from regular eye exams. Some children suffer from amblyopia, which is when the brain and the eyes aren't communicating correctly. For many children, difficulty in school is the only indication outside of an eye exam that there is a vision problem. Eye doctors can treat most vision problems in children and adults with great success if they catch the issues in the early stages.


Rare but Dangerous


Cancer of the eye is very uncommon but also hazardous. Intraocular melanoma is the most common type of eye cancer in adults. There are special screenings that are both quick and noninvasive that eye doctors can do to watch for eye cancers.


One of the most common eye cancers in children is retinoblastoma. This type of cancer develops in the retina. Eye cancers are rare and, if not caught in time, can be fatal. A vision exam every year can detect any unusual spots or growths in the eye.


Don't Neglect Your Eyes


A regular vision exam is as important as a routine dental exam or physical. Regular exams help to maintain excellent vision and eye health. If one part of the body is ill, it can affect the other parts, or it can be a sign of a hidden illness.


Many people take great vision for granted until they start to lose it. To know more on how to keep your eyes healthy, visit Grin Eye Care in our offices in Leawood and Olathe, Kansas, and our satellite locations in Raymore and Independence, Missouri, and Lawrence, Missouri.


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