August is Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month! Along with school supply shopping and starting the new school year, it’s also time to schedule comprehensive eye exams for kids.  One of the most important ways to ensure a successful school year is to make your child’s sight a priority. A healthy visual system is crucial to learning. When you schedule an eye exam at Grin Eye Care, one of our experienced doctors will identify and treat any issues your child may be experiencing, whether it be blurry vision, itchy eyes due to allergies, strabismus (commonly known as “lazy eye"), color vision deficiencies, issues with focusing and reading and so much more.


Keep an Eye on Your Child's Eye Health

If your child exhibits any of these symptoms or behaviors, schedule an appointment with one of our doctors: 

  • Eye Appearance: 
    • Eyes are not lining up properly (one eye turns in or out)
    • Eyelids are red, crusty or swollen, eyes are red or watery
  • Behavior: 
    • Rubbing eyes, covering or closing one eye
    • Tilting head to one side, holding books too close or too far away
    • Becoming cranky when forced to do reading assignments or other school work that requires reading
    • Disinterest in reading
  • Comments: 
    • “My eyes itch.”
    • “My eyes are burning.” 
    • “I can’t read because I have a headache.”
    • My eyes are too tired to do my homework.”

​​​​Eye Safety is Critical
Follow these simple tips for keeping your kid's eyes healthy and safe this year: 
  • Safety: 
    • Choose age-appropriate toys
    • Store household products containing dangerous chemicals in a locked cabinet out of reach
    • Encourage use of 100% UV protective sunglasses and hats with brims while outdoors
    • Teach them to wash their hands frequently
    • Make sure they use protective eyewear while participating in sports or recreational activities
  • Contact Lens Rules: 
    • No sleeping in contact lenses
    • Change out solution every night
    • Replace contact lens storage case monthly 
    • Replace contacts in the time frame directed by your eye doctor
    • Take breaks from contacts and wearing glasses to ensure enough oxygen is getting to the cornea
  • 20-20-20 Rule: 
    • For every 20 minutes your child is on the computer, they should look at something at least 20 feet away for 20 seconds to give their eyes a break

From all our doctors and staff at Grin Eye Care, we wish everyone a happy and healthy school year! Give us a call today if you’re due for your annual eye exam. We have evening and weekend hours available, and we are always accepting new patients in Olathe and Leawood. As always, we are just a phone call away if you have any questions!

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