Diabetes affects almost 26 million Americans. In diabetics over age 40, 4.4 million have some form of diabetic retinopathy (bleeding or leaking in the back of the eye). In fact, since the year 2000, there has been an 88% increase in diabetic eye disease. We also know that uncontrolled diabetes is the most common cause of blindness in the United States. These numbers may sound alarming, but our team of expert doctors at Grin Eye Care can help you monitor your ocular health and diagnose any problems early in order to minimize vision loss.

What can happen inside the eye when diabetes is not under control?
  • The risk for developing diabetic retinopathy goes up the longer you have diabetes
  • Increased blood sugar levels can damage blood vessels, causing them to leak and damage the retina
  • Increased blood sugar levels can cause cataracts to form at a faster rate
  • Glaucoma and vision loss can be caused by lack of oxygen in the blood
  • Retinal detachments can occur due to fluid and scar tissue build up

What can you do to prevent vision loss & keep your eyes healthy?
  • Keep your blood sugar and blood pressure under good control
  • Maintain a healthy diet with regular exercise
  • Eat 1-2 servings of fish per week - Omega-3 fish oils have been shown to reduce the risk of diabetic retinopathy
  • Quit smoking
  • Make sure you see one of our doctors at Grin Eye Care for a comprehensive exam once a year (or more if indicated)

Diabetic eye conditions often have no symptoms or warning signs. Early detection is key to prevent irreversible damage and vision loss. A new study by the American Academy of Ophthalmology was just released and showed that 46% of Americans with diabetes were not seeing their eye doctor for annual comprehensive eye exams. Don’t let yourself be part of that statistic! Please call our Olathe or Leawood office today to learn more and to schedule your comprehensive eye exam with one of our doctors.

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