If you have had a refractive error for most of your life, you know the challenges of prescriptive eyewear. Eyeglasses are incredibly inconvenient when you are trying to be active. Contacts are a much better option than glasses, but they also come with significant responsibility. Beyond these, you still have an option in LASIK. 


LASIK is an excellent option for people who do not want to use any eyewear. It affords significant freedom and better vision, making it very ideal. However, most people may be discouraged because of factors like expense and ideas of post-procedure risks. 


What Is LASIK?


LASIK stands for laser-assisted in situ keratomileuses. It is the most prevalent form of eye surgery that eye doctors perform. It has a high success rate and minimal side effects, most of which resolve after a few weeks. The surgery works best for people with low-degree myopia. Even if you have high-degree myopia or a complex refractive error, the results will still be better than your regular sight. 


How Does LASIK Work?


The eye doctor uses a laser to create a corneal flap on your eye. Then they use an excimer laser to remove layers of the cornea to reshape it. After removing the corneal layers, the eye doctor replaces the flap. After the surgery, you may feel some discomfort, but recovery happens in one to two days.


Why Should You Have LASIK?


  • Freedom


One of the significant reasons why LASIK is an option you should consider is freedom. LASIK gives you much freedom because you will not need to care about eyewear. You will be free of the responsibilities of taking care of glasses or contacts. You can also play sports without worrying about contacts slipping out or falling glasses. 


  • Costs


The cost of LASIK is high in the short term, but it makes financial sense in the long term. Sometimes, the initial cost of LASIK can be discouraging. But if you do the math, you will spend more resources on eyewear. You need to get a new prescription every year or two and eye exams every so often. The cost of replacing your eyewear increases over the years, and you will spend more money eventually.


  • Better Sight


After LASIK, you will never need to reach for your glasses when you wake up. You can read road signs from distances you have not thought possible. You will have excellent vision throughout the day, and it lasts. 


  • Self-confidence


With LASIK, you not only see well, but you look good too. Your beautiful eyes will not have to hide behind glasses all day. You get some of this with contact lenses, but sometimes they can shift in your eye. But with LASIK, you will get to show off your eyes and feel good about it; even your body language will change. 


  • Active Life


Living an active life is the envy of anyone who values health. Wearing eyewear will limit your activity, mainly because most sports require you to follow moving objects through the air at varying distances. With LASIK, you can play all sports regardless of the visual requirements. 


  • It Is Quick and Painless


LASIK takes only a short time, about an hour to ninety minutes. During the procedure, you will have anesthesia to help numb the pain. The recovery takes about a day or two, and you will have near-perfect sight.


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