Jennifer Aniston recently announced to the world that she suffers from Dry Eye Syndrome (DES).  Aniston had no idea that she suffered from DES until she mentioned during an interview that she was "addicted to eye drops."  The reporter suggested she might suffer from DES.  After an exam with her doctor, her diagnosis of DES was confirmed.  For years, Aniston had been suffering from irritated, swollen eyes and often felt like there were "little razors in my eyeballs."  DES can also cause blurred vision, difficulty opening the eye at night or upon waking up in the morning, or even tearing. 

DES can easily be detected during an eye exam. At Grin Eye Care, our doctors can offer a wide array of treatments.  Had Aniston only stopped by Grin Eye Care years go for a quick exam, we could have saved her from years of suffering!

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