Did you know that ARMD (Age Related Macular Degeneration) is largely drive by genetics?  Although our genes do not absolutely dictate whether we get the disease or not, they do heavily influence our chances of developing ARMD.  At Grin Eye Care we have the option to use genetic testing to help to see the likelihood of progression of your ARMD if you already have been diagnosed.  The test is a simple cheek swab, and takes into account your DNA along with the stage of your ARMD and several other contributing factors.  This test is usually covered by insurance with a relatively small out of pocket co-pay.  Results generally take a few weeks to get back, and help to individualize a treatment plan.

Whether or not you have a family member with ARMD, it is important to see your eye doctor regularly. At Grin Eye Care, we are not only focused on the health of your eyes, but also the health of your body as a whole. During your comprehensive eye exam, our trusted doctors will advise you if genetic testing is the right step for you! Please call us today to schedule an appointment at either of our locations in Leawood or Olathe!

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