If you considering LASIK laser eye surgery, you aren’t alone. LASIK is one of the most common elective surgical procedures in the world today and transforms the vision of countless patients every year.

Your chosen LASIK surgeon will be happy to discuss every aspect of the procedure with you to ensure that you feel well-informed and know what to expect from your appointment.

Preparation is an essential component of any surgical procedure, including LASIK. It helps patients to feel calm and relaxed ahead of their appointment, which can make a big difference to how they cope with the procedure and their recovery process.

To help you feel as confident as possible about your laser eye surgery, here is what you need to know about how to prepare for LASIK.

Before LASIK

One of the most important things that your surgeon will ask you to do before your LASIK surgery appointment is to stop wearing your contact lenses and switch to glasses. There is a very good reason for this. Contact lenses can distort the shape of your cornea, and this could mean that the topography of your eyes that is taken ahead of your surgery could be incorrect. In turn, this could cause the corrections that are made to actually be incorrect, adversely affecting the final outcome of your LASIK laser eye surgery.

Your surgeon will recommend that you leave your contacts out for at least two weeks ahead of your procedure planning appointment, three if you use your lenses to correct astigmatism.

Your consultation appointment with your chosen eye surgeon will involve a thorough examination of health of your eyes as well as assessing your eyesight and current prescription. Your surgeon will take your past and present medical and eye conditions into account before deciding if you are a good candidate for the procedure.

Make sure you use this appointment to ask any questions that you may have regarding your surgery.

The day before your LASIK

The day before your LASIK you need to start prepping for your procedure. This means keeping a clean face and avoiding wearing any creams, lotions, cosmetics and perfume. When you wash your face, pay extra attention to ensuring that your eyelashes are free from debris. This is because these products, along with eyelash debris such as dried clumps of mascara, all increase the likelihood of an infection occurring either during or after surgery.

Finally, make sure that you have someone who will be able to drive you home after your LASIK procedure. Your vision will be blurred for some time, plus your surgeon may give you a mild sedative. Both of these factors mean that it will be unsafe for you to drive yourself.

The day of your LASIK procedure

Again, make sure you give your face a thorough wash the morning of your procedure, paying attention to ensure there is no grit or sleep debris in your eyes or on your eyelashes.

Eat and drink before your appointment as normal unless otherwise advised by your surgeon. However, be sure not to drink any alcohol, nor should you take any medications which could cause drowsiness.

When you choose your clothes, most patients prefer to opt for loose-fitting varieties so that they are comfortable during their procedure. Wide necklines or button-down shirts can help with removing garments without worrying about them pushing against your eyes. Choose fabrics that are non-shedding to minimize the chance of loose fibers coming into contact with your eyes.

Arrive in plenty of time for your appointment so that you have the opportunity to fill out any paperwork your surgeon needs to be completed. Rushing around naturally increases our blood pressure and stress levels and can make you feel anxious about your LASIK procedure when a relaxed arrival might not.


If you have further questions about how to prepare for your LASIK laser eye surgery, please don’t fret. Our experienced and knowledgeable team are on hand to answer your queries and put your mind at rest. Please contact our offices at your convenience.

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