The feeling of anxiety before any treatment is not abnormal, especially if it is surgery. Having a health concern such as worsening vision can fill you with worry about the treatment you require. You may ask yourself many questions, wondering what can happen if it does not work or if you go blind. Such fears are why people avoid seeking medical help for their vision problems.

Myths about LASIK eye surgery should not cost you the quality of your life, vision, and general health. The best way to free yourself of fear is by getting the correct information. Read on to learn about some debunked LASIK myths.


LASIK Can Cause Blindness

You cannot become blind after going through LASIK. There are no cases or documented proof of anyone who became blind after LASIK. Studies show that the chances of this happening are one in five million. Therefore, an individual can rarely go through permanent vision loss, making it almost impossible.

Technology advancements have enforced strict safety protocols. The screening of patients happens carefully. As a result, many risks associated with laser treatments reduce significantly. Today, LASIK eye surgery is among the most effective and safe treatments for vision correction.


LASIK Is Painful

The fact is that LASIK eye surgery does not hurt. Apart from vision loss, most people also fear discomfort and pain. They think about getting cut open once the word surgery gets mentioned. As they think of surgery, they also worry about spending many weeks in a hospital during their recovery period. However, this is not the case when you have LASIK eye surgery.


Contact Lenses Are Safer Than LASIK

The truth is that contact lenses pose a greater risk when compared to LASIK eye surgery. Most people who wear contacts dread the effort it takes to wear them, no matter how convenient they think they are. However, it is essential to know that daily wear poses an even greater risk.

Soft contact lenses increase your risk of getting an infection. Studies show that one out of every 100 contact lens wearers is at a high risk of getting an eye infection from their wearing and cleaning habits. However, the risk of infection after LASIK eye surgery is one in every 1,500 patients. Also, LASIK eliminates the need to wear contact lenses as the vision correction is permanent.


LASIK Is Not for Old People

Most people believe that they are too old to get LASIK eye surgery. The truth is that the surgery is suitable for everybody. However, it is ideal for people 18 and above for maximum safety and effectiveness.

LASIK may not be suitable for persons under 18 as their eyes continue developing at a young age. Their eyesight shifts and stabilizes when they become adults. The treatment is most effective in older patients with healthy eyesight and no vision problems.


LASIK Treats One Problem

The fact is that LASIK treats different conditions. Most people refrain from it, thinking it is not worth their money or time if they have multiple conditions. LASIK can end conditions such as astigmatism, presbyopia, farsightedness, or nearsightedness. 

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