People of all ages and backgrounds experience impaired vision. Vision issues do not discriminate based on age, though some conditions are more common as people age. The good news is that LASIK vision correction can address refractive errors in people of a wide range of ages.


Are you sick of wearing corrective eyewear? Do you play sports or travel frequently? If so, LASIK is an excellent alternative for you. However, is there a right or wrong age to undergo LASIK?


Is There a Specific Age for LASIK?


According to eye care professionals, age can impact your suitability for the procedure, but it is not certain. There is no specific age for this vision correction treatment. However, most eye surgeons will not perform it on those under 18 since vision tends to change into early adulthood.


How Young Is Too Young?


While eye doctors perform eye surgery on kids with severe vision disorders, these cases are the exception. Generally, the average age range is between 20 and 40 years. The FDA approves LASIK for patients 18 years and older, but most doctors encourage patients to wait until their prescription stabilizes in their mid-20s.


Ages 18 to 25


Refractive errors should be stable before people undergo vision correction surgery. That way, their eyesight does not change due to age after their treatment. During this age, you may still experience regular changes to your eye prescription.


However, everyone’s vision is different, and many people see their vision stabilize before they hit 25. Your eye doctor is more likely to recommend this procedure if your contact lens or eyeglass prescription remains unchanged for at least a year.


Ages 25-40


Generally, most eye care professionals agree that this is the ideal age range for eye surgery candidacy. By age 25, most people have stabilized contact lenses and eyeglass prescriptions, a hallmark of an ideal LASIK candidate.


Ages 40-55


Even for those who were lucky enough to enjoy perfect eyesight for their entire life, it is likely that they will require reading glasses after turning 40. That does not make you a wrong candidate for the procedure. If you are in good health, do not smoke, and have no history of medical problems, you are likely a good candidate for LASIK.


Ages 56 and Above


There is no upper limit preventing you from having vision correction surgery. Your eye doctor will consider several factors before approving you as a candidate. For example, having cataracts might make you ineligible.


You might be a good candidate if you are over 60 and still enjoy good eyesight. Cataract surgery will become the priority for treatment if you have cataracts, but that does not exclude you from future LASIK.




The most critical factors in LASIK candidacy are a stable prescription, family medical history, and good overall health. Consult your eye doctor to determine whether you are a good candidate for eye surgery.


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