Vitamin C or Vitamin See?

We've always been told to eat our carrots because the vitamin A because "it's good for your eyes".  New research shows that vitamin C can help protect our vision as well, by slowing the progression of cataracts.

Dr. Barbara Wolock Performs Cataract Surgery in Honduras

Dr. Barbara Wolock recently traveled to El Progreso, Honduras to perform cataract surgery at a local clinic.   Dr. Wolock performed 20 surgeries over three days and saw patients in the clinic as well.  She was able to bring two of her children along with her - Anna, 16, and Charlie, 24.  Anna helped out in the pre-op area and Charlie served as a translator in the operating room during surgery. 

Where in the World is Dr. Gerson?

Melbourne, Australia is a long way to go for the weekend!  Dr. Jeffry Gerson spent last weekend in Australia at the Southern Regional Conference for the Australia Optometric Association. He shared his expertise on diabetes and retinal findings in systemic disease.

Do I Really Need to Have My Eyes Dilated?

One of the most common questions we hear as eye doctors is, "do you really need to dilate my eyes?"  The answer is - yes! When your eyes are dilated, drops are given to enlarge the pupil. This allows more light to enter the eye so that the back of the eye, including the retina and the optic nerve, can be thoroughly examined.

Leawood Office - Virtual Tour

Take a virtual tour of our Leawood office!  Located at 4601 West 109th Street, just south of 435 and Roe, our newest location is easily accessible from anywhere in the KC area!  We offer the same full service eye care many of you know from our Olathe location - from LASIK and cataract surgery evaluations, to contacts and glasses, to diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases.

Dr. Craig Place is Coming to Leawood!

Starting March 30, Dr. Craig Place will be seeing patients at our Leawood location!  Dr. Place has been practicing ophthalmology in the Kansas City area for over 37 years and we are thrilled to have his wealth of knowledge and experience in Leawood.  Our Leawood location is equipped to meet all of your eye care needs, from eye exams, to glasses and contacts, to LASIK  and cataract surgery evaluations.

Grin Eye Care Gives Away a 48" LED TV!

Congratulations to our sweepstakes winner, Dorothy Schulz!  Dorothy was able to enjoy watching the Chiefs during the playoffs on her new 48" LED TV, courtesy of Grin Eye Care.  The size of the TV made Dorothy feel like she was "at the game."  Grin Eye Care sent out postcards all over the KC area with a message to bring the card in for a chance to win the television.

Leawood Office - Extended Hours

Need your eyes checked, but can't find the time? Both evening and early morning appointments are available at our Leawood office!  We are open until 7:00 p.m. on Mondays and start bright and early at 7:30 a.m. in order to meet your needs!

The Potentially Life-saving Feature Hidden in Your iPhone

The Medical ID feature included in the Health App on your iPhone allows you to store vital health information, such as health history and emergency contact information.  This information can be accessible from the Passcode screen, so that the potentially life-saving facts can be accessed by emergency responders.

Last Minute Gift Idea - KC's own MILTON. Sunglasses!

MILTON. frames are Dr. Milton Grin's very own line of eye wear.  Working with local artist Dani Maslan, the MILTON. line was developed right here in Kansas City. Available, exclusively at Grin Eye Care, it's not too late to pick up a pair before Christmas.

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