Movie Stars Need Eye Exams Too

Jennifer Aniston recently announced to the world that she suffers from Dry Eye Syndrome (DES).  Aniston had no idea that she suffered from DES until she mentioned during an interview that she was "addicted to eye drops."  The reporter suggested she might suffer from DES.  After an exam with her doctor, her diagnosis of DES was confirmed.

8 Rules for Using Eye Drops the Right Way

We rely on eye drops to treat all kinds of ocular ailments, such as dry eye, allergies, glaucoma, or even infections.  But are you using your drops the right way?  If used improperly, drops may not only lose their effectiveness, they could actually be harmful.  

Dr. Milton Grin Donates His Time to the KC Free Eye Clinic

Dr. Milton Grin spent his Sunday morning at the Kansas City Free Eye Clinic giving free eye care to people who are uninsured or underinsured, many of them homeless. The KC Free Eye Clinic is a non-profit organization entirely run by students, mainly medical students from UMKC. Volunteers, including ophthalmologists, optometrists, opticians, and ophthalmic technicians, give their time and skill free of charge to deliver quality eye care to those who would otherwise go without it. 

Will the Mysterious Syndrome Causing Impaired Vision in Astronauts Delay NASA's Plans to Reach Mars?

Astronaut John Phillips always prided himself on having excellent uncorrected vision. After spending six months in outer space in 2005, that changed. Phillips has been unable to see clearly without the assistance of glasses for the past 11 years.

Christmas in July Sale - 50% Off!

Grin Eye Care wants to bring some Christmas cheer to your summer heat!  July 18-23 enjoy 50% off all frames for prescription glasses and 25% off all non-prescription sunglasses.  Stop by either our Leawood or Olathe locations to check out our wide selection of frames.  If you've been eyeing a new pair of glasses or sunglasses, Christmas in July is your chance to treat yourself.

Fourth of July Fireworks Safety

Every year, thousands of Americans suffer from eye injuries due to fireworks. Nearly half of those injured are not the ones handling the fireworks, but bystanders.  Children account for 35% of eye injuries due to fireworks. The most serious injuries include ruptured globes, retinal detachments, and chemical burns which can result in permanent blindness.

The Scary Truth About Buying Glasses Online

Online shopping offers a number of conveniences. We are able to find exactly what we want with just a click of the mouse. While the internet is great place to buy clothes, toys, concert tickets and home décor, it should not be the go-to for certain purchases…especially prescription eyeglasses.

Is Super Vision Just for Superheroes?

We got a kick out of this recent WIRED article that speculates how Superman's x-ray vision might actually work. Of course, x-ray vision is not yet available in the real world—but Grin Eye Care has been bringing super vision to our patients for almost thirty years. And, no, we can’t shoot lasers out of our eyes like Superman, but we do use lasers in many ways to enhance our patient’s vision or treat eye diseases.

Cataract Surgery Could Save Your Life

Cataract surgery may help save your life… literally.  A study, just published in the journal Ophthalmology, looked at the effect on of cataract surgery on mortality.  Across all groups analyzed, proceeding with cataract surgery, versus delaying or choosing not to have it, helped to prevent people from dying of all causes.  The study looked at over 1.5 million patients and found that people who underwent cataract surgery were approximately 27% less likely to die during the follow-up period.

What's New with Macular Degeneration?

Dr. Ronald Gentile, surgical director of the The New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mt. Sinai, stepped up to answer. As detailed in the article, while there have been effective treatments of wet macular degeneration for at least a decade, the technology and our understanding of how to best use those treatments has improved significantly in recent years.

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